Personal & Wellness Coaching Services

Coaching Style

What makes me unique as a coach is that I listen wholeheartedly and intuitively to hear not only what is spoken but also what isn’t.

Individual Coaching is collaborative and flexible. Compassionate, thought-provoking conversation guides clients to finding their own inner beauty and fortitude. There are so many ways to achieve your dreams; both direct and indirect. I’m willing to explore every one of them until you discover what lights you up.

Explore Your Options

This is a 30-minute complimentary session. We’ll briefly discuss where you are now, where you want to be, and what skills you have for getting there. We’ll also explore obstacles or mindsets that may be getting in your way. If we both agree we’d like to work together, we can discuss which package best suits you. 

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Lean-in: 4 Week Coaching Package

Maybe you want to renew your commitment to healthy eating, exercise, meditation or begin a regular practice of self-care. You might want to start weighing your responses and being more thoughtful about the true costs when asked to take on more. You know what you want, and that you can do it. What you need is a partner to help sort your thoughts, set reasonable, achievable action steps and lovingly hold you accountable for the promises you make to yourself.

Lean-in starts with a 60-90-minute vision and goal setting session followed by two 30-minute weekly check-ins and ends with a 60-90-minute wrap-up where we evaluate progress compared to the vision created during our initial session. At the end of the four-weeks, you’ll be right where you hoped you’d be or have an opportunity to convert to the 8- or 12-week package if you feel more time and focus is necessary to reach your vision and goals.

$495 – Let’s Go!

Step-up: 8 Week Coaching Package

You are embarking on something entirely new or something that makes you hesitate because it seems too big. We’ll whittle it down to small steps which will add up to big changes without turning your whole life upside down. A sounding board and reflecting partner will help you see your steps clearly and keep you moving in the right direction; that’s where I come in. You’ve got this.

Step-up begins with a 60-90-minute vision and goal setting session followed by six, 30-40-minute weekly check-ins as well as text and email access to your coach for touching base, as needed. On the 8th week, we’ll have a 60-90-minute wrap-up session; assess progress and lay out next steps to keep the momentum going. You’ll have a plan for when life happens, and your progress is interrupted. You’ll end the eight-week series with a toolbox full of the wisdom and intuition that you have uncovered.

$895 – Sign Me Up!

Leap: 12 Week Coaching Package

It’s time for some big changes. Maybe you’re relocating, looking at a career change, or caring for a loved one. You may want or need to make lifestyle and/or nutritional changes, perhaps your doctor recommended a course but didn’t tell you where to begin. Whatever it is, at the end of 12 weeks, you’ll be well on your way to owning your life and future. You’ll feel comfortable and confident setting and crushing goals. You will be in complete control.

The Leap program starts off with a 60-90-minute vision and goal setting session. We’ll re-visit and re-calibrate your vision and long-term goals during week six and the other nine weeks will consist or 30-40-minute weekly check-in sessions to set and review short-term goals. You will have text/email access to your coach for touching base between sessions, if necessary. It may take more than twelve weeks to reach your vision but breaking it into manageable chunks and focusing on three-month goals helps to make tremendous changes happen with more energy and less stress. Seeing the steady progress will keep you going until you get there.

$1195 – I’m All In!