How did I end up here, of all places?

Hi, I’m Dianna. Welcome to my page! As a wellness coach, I have personally done some deep exploration while learning how to achieve and maintain a sense of well-being. As with every endeavor, I’ve approached wellness with a sense of curiosity, trial and error, and relied heavily on my sense of humor to keep me going.

Were you ever young & crazy? Remember when trying new things was as simple as breathing? You could explore new cities, change jobs, move into different surroundings; go camping, hiking, traveling. The opportunities were endless; everywhere you looked were new adventures!

Then something changed. You landed a “serious” job or, for some other reason, changed directions. You made a lifestyle adjustment. There were still plenty of adventures, they just didn’t include as much moving around or changing jobs as often, and no more multiple jobs, like serving cocktails on the weekend to attend concerts for free.

THEN, maybe there were children to raise or parents to care for (or both). Life assumed its own pace and, though adventurous (parenting and care-giving are not for the faint of heart!), for a while the world became smaller; more centrally focused. Work, family, and friends kept it interesting and fun. Some fantastic memories were created; relationships were made and, in some cases, broken. The attention was mostly on the needs and desires of those in your care. The busy-ness and responsibilities led to your heart’s desires being set aside; relegated to the far reaches of your memory.

NOW, things are changing again. There are fewer demands on your attention, time isn’t such a rare commodity and some days you aren’t even sure what to do if it doesn’t involve being responsible for someone else. You’re beginning to remember the goals and dreams that were tucked away so long ago. On top of that, life has taught you a few things, opening up a whole new range of possibilities.

We are middle aged and mildly crazy! This place is for us to explore and practice wellness as a part of wholehearted living; to figure out what the next act will be.

You may have wound up here under different circumstances than outlined above. The point is, there are times in life when things change. Maybe the kids have recently moved out (or back in), or it could be there’s a new job, marriage, divorce, diagnosis, retirement, living arrangement; or it could just be time for a change and the options need to be explored. Whatever it is, it’s like learning to navigate all over again. The landscape, among other things, is different than before. We have ideas and desires but aren’t sure about speaking them out loud, let alone pursuing them.

That is where wellness coaching comes in! Join me. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned and, along with you, explore dreams, desires, and ideas. Are you ready to move away from ambivalence and into your confidence & power?

As a bonus for signing up, you’ll receive a link to download my five-minute guided relaxation. It’s great for doing a quick reset, unwinding at the end of the day, or as a calm start to your day. Who couldn’t use 5 minutes to breathe & relax?

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