Client Testimonials


Dianna is a thoughtful/mindful coach. With her Yoga background she brings a mind-body wellness approach to her coaching that feels so natural. She has a little spark of mischief too, so it’s a lot of fun being coached by her.

I’ve worked with Dianna for almost a year both individually and in a group setting.  She has a subtle way of guiding me/us to the next big thing.  She’s no pushover, she has twin boys so she knows when I’m not fully participating or trying to just get by.

I’m finally creating and becoming the me I want to be. I have many new tools to use moving forward.
Living life fully,
Diann F.

Dianna is weaving a tapestry of wellness services unlike anyone I’ve encountered. Threads include yoga, life coaching, meditations, essential oils and a variety of workshops intertwined with creativity, self-awareness and celebration of the growth of the human spirit.  ∼ Kerri M.

“You are a fantastic listener, you ask questions that make me think beyond the surface. I think this is one of the most valued pieces you offer to me. the questions and way you put things have engaged my mind, body, and spirit, in a way I have missed for a long time. Your ability to take lots of random thoughts and pull it together into cohesive sentences always amazes me. You are timely and have never missed a call. I appreciate the time to check in and have someone really listen to not just the words but the tone and energy behind them.”     ∼  Cathy S.

[Dianna] communicates with her whole heart and has a fabulous sense of humor.  ∼  Danna M.

“I have practiced yoga for 6 years with Dianna. She has lead me to wellness through many aches and pains. I am delighted she is branching out into meditation and life coaching. I took a 4 class walking meditation series from her this fall. She taught me many techniques that have helped me incorporate mediation into my daily walks with my dog. Now I can quiet my mind daily AND get my dog out for her daily! Thanks Di!”  ∼ Kari H.

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